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President’s Message

Scott Dowell - picBecoming an Advocate for the Profession.

As many of you know, I enjoy the farm and ranch business and use it as my escape from the day to day grind of periodontics and practice management. It helps me to clear out the mental clutter and reboot my system for the daily challenges of life.

The field, as many authors have alluded to, is a good metaphor for many aspects of life. Preparing the soil, planting the seeds, and eventually harvesting what you have planted. As much as I enjoy the solitude and peacefulness of much of the farm life, when it is time to “get the job done” - working cattle, hauling hay out of a field or repairing a broken implement (which occurs frequently) - it takes a team of helping hands to complete the tasks efficiently and effectively. Over the last 11 years or so, while serving on the board in various capacities, I have seen this same pattern being played out on the Southwest Society of Periodontists board of directors as well as within the organization as a whole.

As a team we have continued to grow and nurture this organization and create a productive environment for outstanding education, camaraderie, and interaction with our commercial support. All of this has been done while spending a majority of our time in our independent office settings where we have been working to ensure that a focused vision of our own design is being created.

When I stop, step back, and assess I have noticed an area that is often overlooked is the space in the cycle between harvest and preparation. It is the time when you assess last year’s outcomes, identify any areas needing improvement, and determine and gather resources to accomplish the redefined goals.

I feel this is an area which SWSP has begun to target, and it has the potential to make our organization more productive. With guidance from CMP, we have engaged in long-term planning sessions in which we have diligently looked at ways to expand our sphere of influence, increase membership, and appropriately manage our current capital. In effect, we have assessed our outcomes and identified areas of needed improvement.

Now comes the hardest step, acquiring the resources or assets to make the plans develop fully. These resources include monetary assets but also, and often more importantly, physical assets such as man power. I have been blessed to serve with many of you on this board and I applaud your commitment to the organization, guidance and leadership. I would like to challenge those thinking of getting more involved to take the next step. Help us to continue our improvement and plant the next seed of progression for the SWSP. With CMP’s excellent oversight and the willingness of current and past board members it is simple to become involved, know the duties that you are responsible for and have someone to help guide you when you are uncertain of the next step.

As a team we are stronger, more effective and efficient. With the climate of change that is currently moving through dentistry it is more important than ever to be a strong unified front to protect our profession, our patients and our organization.

In your service,

Dr. Scott Dowell
President 2017-2018


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